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Electronics Software


Audio Tester V1.3 - Software for testing Sound Cards. Contain Spectrum analyzer, Frequency Generator, Oscilloscope.   Download 272
Oscilloscope for Windows v2.51 - Oscilloscope for Windows uses the sound card as an analog-to-digital converter, providing complete oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer functionality. Download 90,3
IntranetRadio - IntranetRadio is a program designed for transferring sound signals over local area networks (LANs). The main sphere of application - office networks, school, university and other educational LANs. Download 241
Tone Generator - The NCH Swift Sound Tone Generator (nchtone) is a simple but useful utility that lets you play tones using a Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT or 2000 computer with a sound card (Sine Wave, Square Wave, Triangle, Sawtooth, Impulse, White Noise). Tones created by nchtone can be used as a sound source to test equipment, to align equalisation, or to set recording levels. Download 81,8
Marchand Function Generator - Generator of Sine Wave, Square Wave, Triangle, Sawtooth, Impulse from 0 to 20000 Hz on output Sound Card of  PC. Download 37,1
BIP Sine Wave Generator - Generator of Sine Wave from 0 to 40000 Hz on output Sound Card of  PC. Download 116
JBL-SpeakerShop - The best  is a computer program that aids in the design of bass (low-frequency) loudspeaker enclosures (Subwoofers). It helps you determine the volume and dimensions of an enclosure and it helps you evaluate its sonic quality. Download 2,37
WinSpeakerz 2.1 Demo - The program that aids in the design of Subwoofers (low-frequency loudspeaker enclosures). Download 593
Box Plot 2.0 - The one more program that aids in the design of Subwoofers (low-frequency loudspeaker enclosures). Download 96,9
Speaker-Demo 6.0 - Is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program for the simulation of loudspeaker performance. Download 328
Perfect Box v4.5 - Is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program for the simulation of loudspeaker performance Download 167
Passive Crossovers - Program for calculation of passive crossovers Download 58,6
Coils - Program for calculation of spools of inductance without ferromagnetic Download 25,1
Resistor - Program for determination of nominal value of resistors on colour bands. Download 362
Smart Lab 1.08 - Program to work with syncronous phonecards using ISO7816 protocol. Smartlab gives you access to some special functions of the SLE4436 chip if a phonecard uses this chip.  Download 284

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